Chameleons to put on new benefit for Bartlett Ave tenants on Jan. 31

In response to the recent revelation that tenants displaced by the fire at 153 Bartlett Ave last May apparently never received funds raised at a benefit event held for them that month, Chameleons nightclub in Pittsfield has offered to hold a second benefit event on Tuesday, January 31.

“In light of the numerous posts we are opening our doors once again to Help out The Bartlett Ave Fire Victims,” Chameleons said in a statement sent this morning.

Local music promoter, friend of the community, and all around good guy Andy Poncherello has agreed to assist them with entertainment for the function.

Chameleons has asked me to participate in some sort of independent observer capacity on behalf of the tenants, to provide some kind of outside oversight to insure whatever is raised gets allocated to the proper parties.

I am now asking Cavalier Management contact me as soon as possible to supply a definitive list of all tenants living at 153 Bartlett Avenue in May 2011 for the purpose of this benefit. This has now become a matter of public concern, and certainly one to their former tenants. I believe they have a responsibility to enter into the discussion at this point.

It’s been agreed, for the benefit of allaying any and all concerns or questions, that whatever funds are raised at the event that night be counted by Chameleons staff, myself, and Andy Poncherello. In my opinion there are few more trustworthy, honest and fair-dealing people than Andy, so his stamp of approval should make it prettymuch beyond reproach.

If ANY aspect of this objectionable to former tenants of 153 Bartlett Avenue please speak up and let us know- you can comment here, or on iBerkshires herewhatever you feel most comfortable with. Hoping to keep this an open and transparent process that will satisfy all parties involved and ultimately lead to a greater feeling of resolution for everyone.

The most important reason I have agreed to participate in this event is so that the more than 40 people who lived at the former Bartlett Ave location, many of whom lost virtually every thing they had, know that people in Pittsfield DO care. People cared then and it’s clear in the face of the response to these issues people still care. I think a complicated set of factors has overshadowed that most important fact.

The former Elmwood Court, once the Learned mansion, then an inn, then a dwelling places for many people over the years, was a wonderful and richly historied building, and most of the people I know have known someone who lived there at some point.  That building was a part of us, its loss is a hugely tragic one for Pittsfield. Not to compare it to the loss of those who lived there, but a loss to all of us nonetheless, and we care.

Any bands, DJs, performers or entertainers of any kind who would be willing to help out in support of this effort please can get in touch with Andy Poncherello via Facebook or email me if you don’t have Facebook.

-Joe Durwin


4 thoughts on “Chameleons to put on new benefit for Bartlett Ave tenants on Jan. 31

  1. If you do get a list from Cavalier, how will you get ahold of all of us because i know me and my fiance all have different phone numbers then when the fire happened

  2. I’m not sure there’s any way to guarantee that we can get in touch with every tenant. Every effort is being made to spread the word that the benefit is happening, and hopefully moreso after there’s a list available, but it will basically be up to each tenant to collect their share of the funds from Chameleons or make arrangements to do so.
    That’s my understanding anyway. My only involvement is trying to have a verified list of tenants so that they will know who to distribute whatever’s collected to.
    So if you are in contact with anyone else from the building please get in touch with them to let them know.

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