I dream of Pittsfield

Something a tad lighter, since it’s been all “Time to save Springside Park” and “I can’t believe they don’t have condoms in Pittsfield schools” on this blog lately…

My dreams have been getting really crazy, and diabolically local-centric lately. Last night I dreamt I was on Good Morning Pittsfield with John Krol; I leaned into the mic and said “I can say this, because I’m never running for anything. The big problem isn’t ‘the government’, it’s ‘the public’. The public are terrible. Individually they might be made up of some lovely people, but together they’re just a scared stupid mob.” Then the fire alarms went off at Taconic HS and we went shuffling outside, where it was snowing in May. Steve Grossman showed up with a bunch of other guys from the state and said the school year was ending early so they could build the new high school. He showed me the building plans, and it was the Hydra station from LOST. I was like, “That’s a weird take on vocational education,” but no one else (a huge crowd had assembled) seemed to have a problem with it, and the whole scene turned into a big congratulatory ribbon cutting before I woke up.

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