Never a Dull Week in Pittsfield

Long troubled Pittsfield bar Hermann Alexander’s saw its license suspended in the wake of a recent search warrant raid executed by PPD, who claim the tavern was a major hub of cocaine purchasing, where patrons could not only purchase the drug but where dealers went to resupply, sometimes from bar staff themselves.

The City Council hammered out compromises on a proposal from Councilor Jonathan Lothrop for how to go about establishing a proposed commission to review the city’s charter.  Latent party lines in city government were only mildly on display as the council worked out consensus over the key point of who would appoint the members of the commission and how many. An opening suggestion of 9 chosen by the council and 2 by the mayor was put forth by Barry Clairmont, whose argument with Mayor Bianchi in City Hall last week raised eyebrows, while ardent Bianchi ally Melissa Mazzeo pushed for 5 council and 6 mayoral appointments.  To their credit, the council eventually came to agreement in between, with a 7/4 split favoring the council (view meeting online.)

The nearly cancelled first 3rd Thursday of the year was a delightful success, with an array of talent from our own local youth on display sufficient to make any true, positive-thinking Pittsfieldian proud (Photos -iBerkshires – Video-YNN News).

Unfortunately, a much-discussed disturbance immediately following the event drew dozens of police after a crowd of assorted onlookers apparently became unruly while observing two officers breaking up a small spat between teenage girls. 6 teens were arrested, and others were pepper-sprayed, though PPD later declined to confirm this. This provided a gleeful opportunity for certain venomous spin doctors in the area to pursue their ongoing, unrelated personal grudges against Megan Whilden and all positive cultural activity in Pittsfield. Richmond resident Craig Swinson, who posts as DJ Bloom, Alex Denova, MrEatFirstAskLater and other prolific troll aliases on local forums, used it as a gleeful opening to resume his vengeance for whatever feelings of rejection he harbors against the local cultural scene, betraying his obvious hurt-kid grudges by referring to a random teen scuffle as “Megan’s Mess.”

Indeed, this unique and unpredictable incident was like manna from heaven for the few embittered rogues who are dying to see the much loved Pittsfield street fair done away with, probably because its gratuitous images of happy people detracts from their own divisive agendas. This gives them something, no matter how much of a stretch, to point to, after predictions by tabloid blogger Dan Valenti of “chaos and lawsuits” from pedestrians unable to navigate the slightly bumpy asphalt and two inch high man hole covers on North Street proved absurd Thursday evening.

Fortunately for Pittsfield, Mayor Bianchi is certainly smart enough to remain above the gripes of such disgruntled non-residents and take into account the clear majority of interested citizens in Pittsfield who clamored in unison last week in favor of the popular Pittsfield fair, which 80% of Pittsfield residents support providing city funding to make possible.

In other news, Jenn Smith reported on the long list of transitions to be made in Berkshire schools, with over a dozen senior administrators vacating their positions this year; Dollar General moved a step closer to its goal of opening a store in a largely residential area of North Pittsfield; and The Garden gained approval from the Parks Commission for a new 3 day bike & skate camp at the city’s popular new skate park, and 300 area students will attend a Youth Environmental Summit May 30 at BCC, as reported in the Advocate Weekly.


1 thought on “Never a Dull Week in Pittsfield

  1. I don’t dub Mr. Denova/Bloom/Swinson a troll just because I disagree with him: Under his primary login nicknames, Swineson has posted over 2300 comments just on Berkshire Eagle stories- without a positive one in the mix, and riddled with lies, distortions and factual inaccuracies. Indeed, few trolls are so prolific in a local area.

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