Pittsfield Election Results, the full numbers


Out of a total of 20,034 Pittsfield voters who went to the polls Tuesday, 4044 votes were cast in Pittsfield for the Republican presidential ticket, but Republican Senator Scott Brown captured about an additional 1400 Obama voters in Pittsfield for his re-election bid.

Green-Rainbow party votes, which were more than double those of Republicans in last year’s state rep. election [in which Dem. Tricia Farley-Bouvier defeated 3rd party challenger Mark Miller by less than 100 votes] dropped to 143 votes for GRP presidential candidate Jill Stein this year, falling behind 201 votes for the Johnson/Gray Libertarian ticket.

Of the unopposed Democrats: State Senator Benjamin Downing received the highest number of actual votes, with more than 4/5 of the total turnout, while other offices ranged closer to 3/4.  Register of Deeds Patsy Harris received more Pittsfield votes than either State Rep. Farley-Bouvier or US Rep. Richard Neal.

While Question 2 may not have passed state wide, Pittsfield voters approved of it by a margin of 53% to 46%.  Question 3, though vociferously opposed by some local Democratic officials, passed nearly two to one with Pittsfield voters, with 12,244 (65.40%) in favor over 6,479 (34.60%) against.

The non-binding Citizens United amendment recommendation in Question 4 was approved of by Pittsfield voters at 77.91%.  Similar to resolutions passed unanimously in its own city council and earlier approved in the state legislature, it is possible that Question 4 may have garnered even more support if more voters had been prepared for it; many at Pittsfield polls yesterday indicated they didn’t know what it was about in advance, having been overshadowed by the sheer volume of noise around the more controversial binding questions.