On the Radar: Happenings in the Coming Week

Monday Senators Benjamin Downing and William Pignatelli will host the Commonwealth’s Ways and Means Committee for a budget meeting in Pittsfield at Berkshire Community College, from 10-2.  Boland Theatre will be awash in various state departmental directors, commissioners and secretaries.

SUPER TUESDAY is predicted to see lackluster attendance at Pittsfield polls, with President Barack Obama the only candidate on the ballot for registered  Democrats, three Green-Rainbow candidates (with Jill Stein of Massachusetts holding the home advantage), and a winnowing crop of motley conservatives, none of which are likely to inspire hope in Berkshire Republicans of being the next Ronald Reagan.  Most expect an easy win for Mr. Romney.

8AM Wednesday will see the monthly meeting of PEDA (Pittsfield Economic Development Authority).  Of particular note, Mayor Bianchi will speak about his attendance of a recent meeting with the Mass. Life Sciences Collaborative, a quasi-public agency whose job is to help communities attract the sort of life science companies PEDA is seeking to recruit for its proposed federally funded center.  At last week’s council meeting, the mayor said he had initially thought it would be easier to develop the proposals and grant writing necessary to pursue such opportunities, but after meeting with the statewide organization feels it will be more involved, citing this as one of the reasons behind his request to add additional members to PEDA’s board.

Later in the day, the Mayor and I will sit down for an interview that will form the first installment of a periodic column, probably called From the Corner Office, or something lame like that, unless I can think of better in the next couple of days…

THURSDAY, I will switch from interviewer to interviewee as I pull up a chair in the studio with Donna Todd Rivers on the ever-popular Berkshire Buzz from 1-2pm on WBRK 1340am. In this first-ever epic hour of radio the none-too-bashful Diva of Downtown will go there with Diplomatic Durwin on a crazy range of local issues, brouhahas and scandals in this no holds barred, no punches pulled, in depth discuss of All Things Pittsfield in which nothing is off the table… except Baseball.  

And that’s prettymuch everything that will happen in Pittsfield this week… I kid, of course.  You’d be nuts not to give a look at Cultural Pittsfield’s trusty weekly listing of arts & entertainment for the week, with music, theatre, films, Reverend Billy, et al, various board and committee meetings open to the public are always listed on the city calendar, and if you have your own event or story you want to get out, be sure to try the new Park Square Soapbox on Pittsfield.com -where you can blog on any local matter for an established and ever-growing crowd of site visitors, with all the usual social media sharing capabilities.

And who knows, we might even see another appearance of La Mascara Bandida